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So, how's everyone doing?  Still alive and kicking, I hope.  I was actually searching for one of my old RP's and ended up cruising through this instead, so I thought I'd stop and say Hi.  Hi!

Don't Look

Happy February!  Hopefully January didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.  It's that time again, though, where I remind you all that Don't Look needs your contributions!  Look, I'll make it easy for you.  I won't even make you click on the submission guidelines link.  I'll include them all here:

With this post of the submission guidelines, submissions are now open. Follow the guidelines like a pirate but the rules are not negotiable. We are willing to publish professionals and amateurs alike, but of course we want solid work with an odd, twisted spirit.

Flash Fiction / Short Short Story
We’re looking for innovative, unique and clever flash fiction or short short stories that are 200 words or less. All the regular rules apply: must be a full story with a beginning, middle and end, character development, setting, character, exposition, climax and resolution. Don’t think it can be done? There are plenty of examples in our issues.

100 words or less that explore modern topics and themes. No special requirements as to form or genre: we examine in turn all work received and accept that which seems best. Avoid excessive and well-worn abstractions, not to mention clichés.

Stylistically distinct while maintaining a clever and warped essence should fill a 2.5” X 3.7” space. Abstract expressionism, impressionistic, photorealistic, almost any approach, will be all considered. Pencil, ink, painting, pastel and photographs welcome. Black and white only please.

Comic Panel / Strips
Funny, odd and twisted single or multiple panel welcome. Keep in mind, there is only a 2.5” X 3.7” space to fill. Black and white only please.

We would love to see nonfiction essays or reviews, approximately 100-200 words in length.  Essays can be about anything, as long as they’re clever, interesting and well thought out.  Same for reviews, though what we’d really like to see are reviews of things that aren’t well known.  If you know an artist that’s not getting enough recognition, please tell us about them!  Keep in mind that we’re interested in the harder edge of truth, so keep the fluffy bunnies to yourself and give us the real story behind your thoughts.

If you have any questions (not submission inquiries), please contact mlewys@dsidecreations.com or jack.lee@dsidecreations.com.

So let's see what you've got!  We really depend on your submissions to keep us going.  Thanks for your help!


Life is once again conspiring against me in such a way as to make me unfit to be around people.  There is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, but only time will tell if it's the bright sun or the oncoming train.  So for now, and I don't know for how long, don't expect me to be around this journal much.  I'm not saying that I'm never coming back, but I'm leaving no promises for if or when I might return.  Most of you have alternative ways in which to contact me if you want.  There's always email.  I do have a much smaller and quieter LJ account, but I'd really rather leave it small and quiet.  LiveJournal has given me a great many friends and more fun that I deserve, but I can't help but feel that its time is waning for me.  Until that changes, this account will be mostly silent.

If you really, really must be in on the few, sporadic details of my life that I occasionally regurgitate onto the web, email me or IM me and I'll drop you the name of the other journal.  Otherwise, thanks for every smile you've given me and be happy and healthy. 

A new year at Don't Look!

“Not now, Patrick dear.  Your Auntie Mame’s hung.”
- Auntie Mame, 1958

There is such a thing as too much sparkling white wine.  I didn’t believe it last night.  But this morning, I firmly believe that you can have too much sparkling white wine.

Happy New Year!  I raise a toast to you with a new issue of Don’t Look - something that won’t give you a hang-over.

Don’t Look, Issue 8 - EU Version for A4 paper

“Defense Mechanisms” by Linn Næss
“A Song of Waiting” by Lars Riisnaes
“After the Apocalypse” by Mary Lewys
“Beaturtle” by Chris Lewis

“Silent Night” by Laura Austin (cover)

Folding instructions are available in download form and in video how-to form.  If you enjoy our zine, be sure to pass it along.  We rely on viral distribution - that means we rely on you to share the goodness.

Please keep distributing the issues.


Firstly!  Thank you to lordgloria for the lovely card!  It made me smile.  And many thanks to commodoresexual for my story, because I miss Burn Notice SO MUCH. 

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday that didn't include too much stress and no major family blow-ups. 

I saw this on the flist today and thought it was very nifty.  Some of you (especially mathemavixen) might even agree.  The P22 Music Text Composition Generator will take a text file that you enter into it and make music to go with it.  I have absolutely no idea how it works, but it's fun trying to input different texts and hopefully making a sound that doesn't suck.  Here's what I came up with:

Metal should be cold, not body heat warm and slicked down from too
much kissing.  Lips shouldn't be near bleeding - sore and swollen and
tearing just around the edges.  Just where the metal pierces the
flesh. Tongues shouldn't move like sin dripping down his chin, running
down his neck.  And when you think you've found the cure and you
clutch at it, it shouldn't damn well turn and spin and dance away.
Then when it, when he, comes back and licks at the blood-tangy metal
that's somehow still in your lip and slides down your chest and
swallows you whole, what should and shouldn't happen anymore is
irrelevant.  It's you and him and it doesn't matter anymore how cold
you were or how hot the metal is.

MIDI file here

(That is, by the way, a very old piece of text that is mine and not yours so kindly don't use it anywhere else.  Copyright Laura Austin, blah blah.  I'm not entirely sure that I've got any claim on the midi file, though.)


There have not been nearly as many Soviet Russia jokes on my flist as I expected.  I am unsure if I should be disappointed or not.

Oh One Story.  Why do you have to jerk me around so?  All I want is to get my two free trial issues, fall in love, and willingly give you my $21 per year.  This will not happen if you continue to insist on not sending me my issues.  Please, please get your head out of your ass and fulfill your part of the bargain SO THAT I CAN GIVE YOU MONEY.

Tonight is my eldest daughter's first ever band concert.  She confided her nervousness to me and I helpfully pointed out that if she made a mistake, she would have an entire band full of people to cover it up.  At which point she tells me "But MOM!  I'm FIRST CHAIR!  I'm not supposed to make mistakes!"  Yes, my daughter takes life way too seriously.

Flag me!!

DO IT!  Come on, I am so Adult Content.  I must be, what with the adult-being and all.  SO FLAG ME ALREADY DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!  See, I even used my RUDE ICON!  (Rude but oh-so-pretty.)
196 words of pre-story written and 424 words of actual story written.  Not bad for an hour's worth of writing and researching.  Now if only there was someone around to tell me that I was either too confusing, too insulting, or too... something.  I'm sure I'm too something, but I don't know what.

However, the urge to procrastinate has hit and I think I'm going to go read Astro City: Confession. 

Holiday woes

All in all, the long weekend wasn't too bad.  There were only minimal fights between me and my mother and me and the hubby.  And after Thanksgiving, hubby and the kids put up our big, tacky inflatable Santa Claus in the front yard.  He inflates and pops in and out of his big, tacky inflatable chimney.  This stayed up in the yard for almost 24 full hours before some jackass came by with a knife and slashed it.  Now this on its own is enough to put my girls into tears.  Add to the equation the fact that the decoration came from their dead grandmother and guess how well they didn't take it.  The kids still want to decorate the yard, but I am hesitant to spend too much money on a bunch of stuff that will only get vandalized and destroyed.  So I'll make a big fuss with them over decorating the inside and see how they feel then. 

On the brighter side, we have 8 new fish.  No, I didn't buy any.  We discovered babies in the filter when changing it this weekend.  So I have the little nursery set up and am getting new grasses and stuff for them to hide in once we release them back into the bigger aquarium. 

Where do old RP's go to die?

Zatanna Zatara, the character I played in what was possibly my shortest RP ever, is apparently still rumbling around my head, more than a year later.  I dreamed about her last night.  The Books of Magic is now officially on my Christmas wish list.  In the meantime, Zatanna-in-my-head is hanging out with Constantine-in-my-head.  Help.